Our solutions

High density colocation

Racks, cages/​pods and private data halls in our Nordic data centers designed for high density colocation. Flexibility to host any workload at any scale.

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Build to suit

Large scale, bespoke data centers in all the Nordic countries. Building the right sustainable solution based on your specifications.

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Gompute HPC as a Service platform

Market leading simulation platform tailored to HPC workloads. Enabled on bare metal hardware dedicated to you. Ready to use.

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Why choose atNorth

The home of sustainable, cost efficient, data centers in the Nordics
Savings & ROI

Lowest prices on the market for a better return on investment. Find better prices? Challenge us!

Lower your carbon footprint

Electricity that powers our data centers comes from renewable energy sources.

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Faster time to market

Instant available capacity to improve productivity for your engineering teams to launch faster.


Multiple security features for compliance and complete piece of mind.

Expert support

247 expert support on-hand to ensure your infrastructure operations are continuously performing.


All atNorth data centers are interconnected with multiple options of connectivity from the Nordics to the world!

About us

Our goal is simple. To deliver​“More Compute” to our customers. By leveraging innovative data center design, power efficiency and intelligent cluster operations, atNorth is the data center company of choice for businesses wanting to reduce overall TCO, increase efficiency, and secure the future of longer-term infrastructure deployments.

We are a pan Nordic data center provider for sustainable, scalable and secure solutions. Focused on high density compute, we utilise the benefits of the Nordic climate and abundant renewable energy to provide the most sustainable infrastructure for your data.

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Our data centers

Learn more about atNorth’s Pan-Nordic campuses located in Iceland, Finland and in Sweden

Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

atNorth is pushing the boundaries of sustainable IT, combining its decarbonizing platform with uncompromising performance. Our passion for sustainability touches every corner of our business to provide our enterprise customers with a pathway to low-carbon operations.

We actively support the circular economy and seek to build our data centers in regions where the rate of renewable energy is at its highest and that can cater for the best energy efficiency. atNorth sites are built from the ground up to ensure that energy use is minimized across every campus.

Want to find out how our colocation services can improve operational efficiency and lower your TCO?

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