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atNorth’s FIN03 data center campus, located in Espoo, Finland is a tier 3 designed high density data center facility. Leveraging Finland’s cool climate, access to renewable energy, excellent connectivity and world leading security, the FIN03 site is perfectly suited to accommodate your infrastructure needs.

Finland is a global tech leader and is at the forefront of digitalization and innovation. It is recognised as a preferred location for data centers as the country has one of the world’s most reliable electricity supply infrastructures and offers access to an abundance of cost efficient sustainable green energy.

The data center is strategically located within just 30 minutes from Helsinki Airport.

FIN03 Site Specification
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Useful information

AddressKutojantie, Espoo, Finland
Power sourcerenewable energy sources
PUE1.3 (DCPro)

Latency (round trip)

18.5 ms
19.9 ms
18.8 ms
21.5 ms
44 ms
Hong Kong
125 ms

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Our FIN03 data center campus ensures:

Carbon Free Energy

Powered by energy from renewable sources

Established and Secure

Ultra secure with world-class security

Expert support

Always available for you

Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

atNorth is pushing the boundaries of what sustainable IT means, combining its decarbonizing platform with uncompromising performance. Our passion for sustainability touches every corner of our business to provide our enterprise customers ith a pathway to low-carbon operations.

We actively support the circular economy and seek to build our data centers in regions where the rate of renewable energy is at its highest and that can cater for the best energy efficiency. atNorth sites are built from the ground up to ensure that energy use is minimized across every campus.

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