FIN04 mega site campus


Data center in Kouvola

atNorth’s FIN04 mega site campus is located in Myllykoski (part of the City of Kouvola) and approx. 139km north-east of Helsinki and 52km from the city of Hamina. This, our fourth data center in Finland, is on a 21-hectare plot and will be operational in the second half of 2025.

FIN04 will have an immediate power supply of 60MW and will be ready for operation in the second half of 2025. The site will cater for both colocation customers and build-to-suit projects.

Working closely with the city of Kouvola and energy partner, KSS Energia, the new FIN04 site will be enabled with heat reuse capabilities, which will focus on recovering excess heat from the data center to be recycled through the KSS heating plant for reuse within the local community.

FIN04 mega site

Useful information

AddressKouvola, north-east of Helsinki
Plot size

21 hectare


second half of 2025

Latency (round trip)

19.5 ms
19.8 ms
18.8 ms
21.5 ms
41 ms
New York
93 ms

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Our FIN04 data center campus will provide

Capacity to scale

Options to expand with land and power available

Liquid cooling ready

Ensuring our customers achieve improved rack densities

carbon free energy

Powered by energy from renewable sources

Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

atNorth overarching mission is to continue to innovate and develop a decarbonizing platform to support our customers with their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet. atNorth has built its services to be environmentally responsible to provide organizations with a pathway to low-carbon digital operations.

We are strategically working to minimize the impact of digitalization on our planet. atNorth’s Nordic locations ensure that all our sites are powered by low carbon and renewable energy sources, and the cooler consistent climate enables us to support more efficient cooling requirements at our data centers in a sustainable manner.

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