Next-gen HPC delivers sustainability, efficiency, and lower TCO

Apr 11, 2023

To better serve its customers, BNP Paribas faced exponential infrastructure growth. BNP Paribas worked with atNorth and Dell Technologies to expand responsibly and build a future proofed” HPC infrastructure. The data centre solution we provided was to move a portion of their data center operations to Iceland and its renewable energy sources. BNP Paribas lowered TCO, with 50% less energy and 85% less CO2 output.

atNorth, in collaboration with Dell Technologies, provides BNP Paribas with a state-of-the-art Infrastructure as a service solution. If you’d like to know how, download our Case Study.

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Having atNorth construct and manage our HPC cluster infrastructure, which is built on Dell Technologies custom designed infrastructure, has been transformational. Through atNorth’s innovative data center design, we have reduced our energy consumption by 50% in atNorth’s sustainable Swedish facility.”

Ricardo Jantarada
Global Head of Telecom & Datacenter at BNP Paribas CIB

Business Results

Reduced energy usage by 50%
Decreased CO2 (carbon dioxide) output by 85%
Increased power efficiency at higher compute density
Adopted future-proof,” environmentally responsible HPC

BNP Paribas has demonstrated that an environmentally responsible strategy can have both cost benefits and increase solution performance. Download the Case Study and learn more about this collaboration.

Download Case Study

HPC Sustainability

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