Strategy for tackling the challenges of the future

Jun 22, 2022
How to best prepare your data centre for the road to digitalisation

The volume of data is growing faster than ever, affecting the data centres design, volume and energy consumption.

With customers placing more emphasis on securing data centre energy capacity rather than assessing physical footprint, providers such as atNorth are seeing the requirements for IT infrastructure changing.

This whitepaper provides an overview of key focus areas to future-proof your organisation’s data and processes, whilst at the same time offering a data centre strategy to meet the challenges of the future.

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Minimise your data centre carbon footprint

Heat recovery

Reusing the waste heat generated by the servers to warm homes in the community.

Natural cooling

Utilising the cool Nordic climate.

Green energy

Our facilities are powered by energy from renewable sources.

Sweden provides excellent conditions for sustainable data centre operations with the combination of free cooling and the possibility of heat recovery. It’s important to think holistically about sustainability i.e., what equipment is inside the data centre for obtaining a cost-effective solution with heat recovery.”

Peter Sivengård
Business Developer at Stockholm Exergi

Not all of an organisation’s data can be classed as business-critical, therefore it’s important to consider different strategies for how data should be processed to maximise cost-efficiency. Download our whitepaper and learn more about how data management can be optimised in the data centre.

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