atNorth announces an expansion of ICE02

May 3, 2021

atNorth is proud to announce yet another expansion of its ICE02, Mjölnir data center campus to meet continued customer demand. Only 5 minutes away from Iceland’s main international airport, Keflavik International Airport, atNorth has now commenced construction of the eleventh building to the campus, increasing floorspace by another 1250m3 – a 10% addition to data center facility space at the campus.

Built to the same industry leading sustainable standards as the rest of the Mjölnir DC site, this new environmentally friendly timber-and-aluminum construction will allow an extension of additional 4 MW power for the companies DCpro services, a tier 3 design data center facilities at the campus. 

A commitment to the future

This latest building is another milestone in the remarkable Mjölnir DC story. In just two years, soaring customer demand has seen the site more than double in size – and ongoing talks could see another two buildings added in the near future.

atNorth is able to fulfil customer demands for increased capacity in an environmentally responsible way. This is why Mjölnir DC has been built using sustainable materials and is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

Mjölnir leverages more than 80MW of power drawn directly from sustainable geothermal and hydro energy sources. This provides atNorth, and our customers, with a reliable supply of certifiable renewable power for HPC applications and to reduce carbon footprints. And we can scale up as customer demand continues to grow.

The Mjölnir DC also makes use of Iceland’s lower ambient temperatures to assist with data center cooling – and maximizes the performance of liquid-cooled systems. By expending less energy on cooling racks, atNorth’s customers energy consumption falls further still, ultimately lowering their TCO of data center facilities.

Scope for continued growth

The Mjölnir DC can deliver capacity at scale, supporting any scale, from a few racks to multi-MW deployments if needed. atNorth has the option to add hundreds of MW if required, allowing us to meet any client capacity requirement, and to continue growing into the future.

This unconstrained growth potential coupled with opportunities to better meet their social and environmental obligations are all reasons that companies are choosing Iceland for their HPC hosting. atNorth provides predictable, long-term costs to help with future planning and to ensure that clients are achieving best value from their budgets.

Favorable climate conditions are just a small part of the atNorth story though. Equally important is our highly-trained, experienced workforce. Our team of skilled, experienced engineers have worked on countless HPC projects, helping them to address any logistical and technical challenges of the modern IT operating environment. 

Sustainability, security and infinite scalability

Mjölnir DC is one of two sustainable data centers operated by atNorth in Iceland, just 5‑minute drive from Keflavik Airport. Its partner, Thor DC, based in the Reykjavik capital area, offers Tier III capabilities for the most demanding workloads. Additionally, our newest data center facility, Sif DC, located in Kista in Stockholm, Sweden, is built to the same exacting standards, allowing organizations to make use of atNorth’s exceptional facilities and services on the European mainland if required.

Whatever the workload, whatever the scale, atNorth can accommodate your high-density computing needs in Iceland, the world’s safest data center location. Constructed using sustainable materials and optimized for HPC workloads like ML, AI and large-scale computer simulations, atNorth data centers will continue to expand and grow when required. As well as virtually unlimited growth potential, 100% renewable geothermal energy helps to reduce total cost of ownership – and carbon footprints — for our customers.

To learn more about HPC data center operations from atNorth and how we can help your business achieve more, please get in touch.

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