Building a sustainable business

Sustainability is a natural and organic part of every service we deliver and every solution we offer.

atNorth has built its services to be environmentally responsible to provide organizations with a pathway to low-carbon digital operations.

atNorth’s overarching mission is to continue to innovate and develop a decarbonizing platform to support our customers with their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Digitalization and sustainability should advance hand in hand, and data centers have a critical role to play in supporting a green circular economy, powered by knowledge and innovation that offers access and opportunity for everyone. Our aim is to build a sustainable business that contributes not only to the local and global economy, but that also takes care of our communities and environment.

We strive to help today’s leading organizations reduce the IT carbon footprint.

Our sustainability strategy

Environment, society and the economy
Dependable in climate – first matters

Using energy from only renewable sources in all our operations is a key step to maintain low GHG emission and reduce overall carbon footprint.

Enabling a circular economy

Minimizing all waste is a critical initiative for atNorth as well as continuing to drive innovation and deploy circular economy principles.

Empowering the community

atNorth’s mission is to build a sustainable business that contributes to the surrounding community.

Integrity in all we do

Sustainability and innovation are our guiding principles. We will continue to innovate, develop and create a future proof de-carbonizing platform.

To have more compute for a better world, we must take better care of our environment, employees and customers. Our sustainability strategy, along with our goals and actions, will have the sole purpose of creating a positive impact on the world.”

Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson
CEO, atNorth

Our sustainable approach

Clean energy sources

atNorth’s ICE02 site in Iceland is strategically located within the HS ORKA Resource Park, a leading cluster for sustainable businesses to promote the responsible use of geothermal energy and minimal waste production. The ICE02 data center draws on the clean energy supply, leveraging more than 80MW of power directly from sustainable geothermal and hydro energy sources. 

Waste heat re-purposed

In partnership with Sweden’s energy provider, Stockholm Exergi, the atNorth SWE01 campus captures the heat outputs generated by the site’s data halls, recycling all residual heat through the district heating plant to provide heat and hot water for local residents. The initiative has helped:

  • boost the data center efficiency

  • reduce our carbon footprint and overall impact on the climate 

  • give back and support the local community.

Learn more about this sustainable partnership.

Community support

Contributing to the local community has always been fundamental to our underlying values. atNorth supports relevant sustainability initiatives that matter most to our business and align with our sustainability policy. Emphasis is placed on selecting projects that focus on innovation in the energy and technology sector, prevention activities, supporting marginal groups and the protection of the environment.

Goals and objectives

As part of our Sustainability Policy and in line with our company values, atNorth have outlined a set of goals and objectives to guide the company’s sustainability agenda for the next five years.

We will continually report against these targets and seek to align our measures with global standards including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Review our Goals & Objectives

Our Sustainability Policy

To be the partner of choice, developing and delivering a high-performance, de-carbonizing platform, for organizations wishing to lower their carbon footprint, we developed a Sustainability Policy in line with our business. Our Sustainability Policy outlines our responsibility to the environment, society and the economy:-

  1. our environmental focus is to enable circularity and be dependable in climate matters by minimising waste and optimising energy usage.
  2. our social focus is to empower the community and our people.
  3. our governance focus is to have integrity in everything we do and to make responsible decisions that always consider the environment.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Report

Strengthening partnerships

atNorth has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), a historic cooperative of companies committed to reducing carbon in digital infrastructure materials, products, and power.

atNorth has also partnered with the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact committing to the European Green Deal, to achieve the ambitious greenhouse gas reductions of the climate law, and leverage technology and digitalization to achieve the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050.

What our customers say about us

Sustainability is a core pillar across all of our operations, and our partnership with atNorth has helped us work towards our goals to minimize our carbon footprint and commit to a circular economy wherever possible.”

Luke Peffers
Chief Weather Officer, Tomor​row​.io

With atNorth, we have already seen our CO2 emissions decrease by 85% and energy usage halved, which is paving a clear path to radically changing the digital footprint of our entire IT infrastructure.”

Alexis Carrion
Global Head of Data Centers, BNP Paribas CIB

For Sustainability, Head North: Discover why BNP Paribas has chosen atNorth.

atNorth’s policies

Sustainability is an integrated part of our strategy and one of the company’s strategic priorities.
Environmental Policy

Learn more

Equality Policy

Learn more

Health & Safety Policy

Learn more

Code of Conduct

Learn more

Supplier Code of Conduct

Learn more

Should you have any questions regarding our corporate policies on sustainability, please get in touch with our sustainability team.

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