atNorth partners with ocean consultancy blueOASIS

Jan 12, 2022

Innovative ocean sustainability start-up blueOASIS has partnered with atNorth to establish a sustainable HPC and AI cluster in Iceland that can handle its big data needs.

The ocean sustainability consultancy services of Portuguese start-up blueOASIS are contributing to making the world’s waters a more environmentally friendly place. Its key areas of focus include, among others, decarbonization of ships and alternative fuels, underwater noise pollution that negatively impacts fauna, and maritime renewable energies. 

atNorth partners with Blue Oasis to deliver HPC and IaaS

atNorth has partnered with blueOASIS to deliver its HPC and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, HPCFLOW. This reliable and flexible HPC resource will give blueOASIS the capacity to handle big data on a significant scale and to run the intensive calculations that form the foundation of much of its work. 

It is not only on an operational level that the companies are an excellent match. blueOASIS embodies its commitment to sustainability through more than its services with every team member personally sharing the company’s dedication to protecting the oceans. atNorth reflects this focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impacts with its data centers that are powered by 100% renewable energy and whose hardware is cooled by the naturally low temperatures in the Nordics, keeping the company’s operations at net zero emissions.

Decarbonization of the maritime industry

blueOASIS is working on various projects to boost the decarbonization of the maritime industry. Floating structures such as a ship or platforms supporting wind turbines have a complex behavior in the ocean environment with current, wind and waves. To develop innovative and sustainable solutions and ensure their reliability, many simulations using high-fidelity fluid dynamics tools are required. Moreover, blueOASIS uses artificial intelligence to support sustainable actions like plastic debris detection or route optimization to decrease emissions. Those activities also require significant computational power and would not be possible without the support of a strong and robust HPC infrastructure, which blueOASIS found with atNorth. 

atNorth delivers fast, reliable, and cost-optimized HPC solutions

Guilherme Beleza Vaz, CEO of blueOASIS, explained why he chose atNorth and its HPCFLOW solution: atNorth’s HPC services are fast, have excellent uptime and are good value for money. We’re excited about building a long-term partnership that can be scaled up and down as needed.”

Guillherme has worked with HPCs for more than 20 years, giving him an excellent understanding of what he needs from an HPC provider. As a start-up, blueOASIS will particularly benefit from the flexibility of atNorth’s offering and the level of availability that a dedicated physical cluster provides them.

I am more than happy with atNorth’s services and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Their unbeatable price, global customer service team and physical location mean they are a great partner for us.”

Staffan Hansson, Sales Specialist of HPC & AI Services at atNorth, commented on the new partnership: It’s very exciting to begin our partnership with blueOASIS. Their work in ocean sustainability, cleaning and decarbonization is vital in the global push for sustainable practices. We’re delighted to be able to provide HPC services to an organization such as blueOASIS, which evidently shares our commitment to sustainability on a personal and professional level.”

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