New site location for the third data center in Iceland

Apr 6, 2022
To enable atNorth to develop a green industry in the north of Iceland, creating more high-tech jobs in Iceland’s Tech Hub

Akureyri, Iceland – April 5, 2022 – atNorth, a leading high-performance colocation provider, has revealed the location of its new data center site in the northern region of Iceland. The new site will add a third center to atNorth’s campus roster in Iceland and comes off the back of the newly launched data center in Stockholm, Sweden.

The one-hectare plot of land, together with nearby plots for expansion, has been granted by the Akureyri Town Planning Council under terms intended for purely environmentally friendly business use. The site design and build will directly align with atNorth’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and overarching contribution to circular economy principles within the data center industry. 

Ásthildur Sturludóttir, the mayor of Akureyri, feels the new site will bring new jobs for the city’s workforce, while also strengthening the economy in the area. We welcome the development of this site in Akureyri. The project compliments recent infrastructure projects in the Northeast of the country, that will ensure safe and secure transfer of electricity to the area. Increasing the access to electricity as well as the security in the transfer to the Northeast makes this type of development possible.” 

The new location in the north of Iceland offers many benefits to businesses looking to house their data in an affordable and sustainable way. Akureyri is easily accessible to the rest of Europe, with the data center being located only an hour from Reykjavík airport. Amidst soaring energy costs, this presents a new opportunity for UK businesses to offload and migrate IT operations in a more cost-efficient way. 

Today’s data-driven businesses require a new type of data center. We are the first colocation player in the Nordics to build facilities fully equipped for high-capacity services from the start,” said Eyjólfur Magnús, atNorth CEO. The choice of Akureyri is strategic, it is already a thriving high-tech hub with many technology companies in the area and the new center will offer many job opportunities to an already excellent and talented workforce. In addition, Iceland’s colder climate and geothermal energy source allows businesses to tap into an infrastructure with renewable energy, great connectivity and cost efficiencies, which will allow us to deliver our services with high precision to customers both in and outside the Nordic region. We are very pleased to be expanding and building out our new site in Akureyri.” 

Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinnson og Ásthildur Sturludóttir
atNorth CEO Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinnson and Akureyri Mayor Ásthildur Sturludóttir

Currently, most existing data centers in Iceland are in the southwest of the country, making Akureyri an ideal new location to spread the risk of operation, strengthen speed of connectivity, ensure better access to data connections from abroad, and ease security concerns. This offers a great opportunity for companies looking to source more than one location to host their data in the same country. The new data center in Aureyri increases the safety of those who already host data in Iceland, given that there are enough people to service equipment, the center will create jobs there as well as the town being easily accessible. 

The new site will be designed to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible, with 100% renewable energy, making it extremely energy efficient. Similarly to the recently opened Kista center in Sweden, atNorth is exploring heat recovery options with local companies to enable the heating and cooling outputs to be reused in a sustainable and efficient way. Built from the ground up to be scalable and flexible to cater to evolving market changes and customer needs, the site will be able to handle extremely high-density workloads, such as advanced calculations for AI, simulations, and risk analysis. The site will span a total of 4,000sqm, with six data halls and 12mW of capacity. 


About atNorth

From 2009 atNorth has innovated in the data center technology space with their design, construction and operation of world class data center facilities in Iceland and in Sweden. atNorth services leading organizations in diverse industries, enabling them to transform the world’s most demanding data into important business decisions, without compromising speed, performance, or the climate. Through the strategic location of atNorth’s data center facilities in the Nordic region, combined with a high-performance infrastructure, the most efficient and cost-optimized solution to calculate, simulate, train and visualize data can be achieved, regardless of workload. All the company’s services are architected to provide circular economy principles for the data center industry where renewable energy combined with unparalleled energy efficiency are fundamental principles. For more information, visit atNorth​.com or follow atNorth on LinkedIn.


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