Complete guide to successful data centre migration

Apr 6, 2021
What does co-locating or migrating a data centre actually involve?

Migrating data centres is a major project, with significant risks – and rewards. The success of any migration project is determined before a single byte of data is transferred. The quality of your planning is fundamental to making the transition trouble-free. This checklist will help you prepare and plan your move.

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Nordic countries offer numerous advantages that make them optimal candidates as data centre locations. Due to significant investments in connectivity, bandwidth prices decreased sharply in recent years and the region has become more attractive than ever for data centre investment.”

Migration planning steps

Preparing for success

The quality of your planning is fundamental to making the transition trouble-free.

Determine the project scope

Specify which aspects of your infrastructure actually need to be migrated.

Making the move

With a limited timeframe, planning is crucial to your migration project.

How can atNorth help you?

This checklist will help you establish a workable strategy, but you will probably still encounter problems. And this is where practical experience can overcome many challenges.

If you have any concerns at all about completing a major data centre migration project, you should talk to atNorth. Our team of specialists have worked on dozens of projects so we can help you navigate the many challenges to deliver a successful migration.

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