Damen Group — Customer success story

Nov 24, 2023

Damen Group customer success story

HPC solution provides Damen Group with a common computational platform, enablingcollaboration and creating synergy within the company.

Damen provide unprecedented maritime solutions to utilise and protect the oceans and the seabed, optimally and as responsibily as possible. They required a HPC solution that would serve different research departments with a common computational platform. A complete HPC simulation platform consolidated in the cloud allows not only share computing power but also the workspace, ensuring real-time collaboration.

Ample resources are needed to ensure a continuous amount of simulations can be performed concurrently and with usage fluctuation very high, it was preferable for Damen to find a fixed price agreement to mitigate the risks and increase visibility.

By choosing atNorth’s Gompute’s HPC private cloud environment with fixed resources, Damen was able to reduce the cost of a simulation by 40% compared to the previous HPC solution.

The HPC Gompute platform is extremely flexible, offering the possibility to re-evaluate the required capacity on a regular basis, to take into account usage.

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