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May 11, 2022

Flexible, scalable and sustainable: the new power behind tomorrow’s weather predictions.

The world’s leading weather-forecasting companies, usually process weather data four times a day, which, depending on the speed of execution, can take around two hours at a time. This can be very expensive when using the cloud – resulting in companies only using cloud capacity for eight out of 24 hours, leaving a lot of downtime still to be paid for.

Tomor​row​.io began their business providing world-leading weather intelligence. Their weather and climate security platform helps organizations – from Ford, Porsche and Uber to Google and Fox Sports – to predict the business impacts of weather and solve their climate security challenges. By producing business insights and action plans calibrated to a minute-by-minute forecast, they can automate decision-making at scale, helping countries, businesses and individuals better manage their weather-related challenges.

But they also had a vision to do things differently and atNorth’s award-wining Gompute HPC platform was perfect to deliver the necessary High Performance Computing.

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Sustainability is a core pillar across all of our operations, and our partnership with atNorth has helped us work towards our goals to minimize our carbon footprint and commit to a circular economy wherever possible.”

Luke Peffers
Chief Weather Officer, Tomor​row​.io

Business benefits

Reduced the HPC costs by more than 60% and accelerate savings
Focus on clear outcomes, without worrying about the underlying HPC infrastructure
Automate decision-making at scale and fast
Increase data processing time without compromise

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How can atNorth help you?

We help our customers push the boundaries of compute solutions to deliver increased efficiency and performance with a lower environmental impact. We offer predictable performance you can count on, combined with quick reaction times, full scalability and 24-hour service when needed. As you evolve, we work with you, helping to fine tune your R&D to optimize software. By thinking together and matching our services to yours we can help you secure fast, reliable results.

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