WavEC and atNorth paving the way for the future

Jun 24, 2021

WavEC Offshore Renewables has recognized atNorth as their ideal High-performance Computing (HPC) provider to help accelerate their mission of developing sustainable solutions for the Blue Economy through innovation, knowledge transfer, and dissemination.

WavEC and atNorth paving the way for the future

atNorth will deliver WavEC scalable computing capacity to drive professional engineering services and Research Development and Innovation (RD&I) support in the marine renewable energy sector and related areas. The optimized performance of atNorth’s HPC & AI Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution — HPCFLOW — combined with atNorth’s alliance network ensures WavEC can run Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations with maximum efficiency.

Access to atNorth’s infrastructure enables us to reach a new level of accuracy, computing more detailed simulations in less time and therefore accelerating the development of long-lasting green ocean solutions,” says Benedicte Dommergues, Project manager at HPC & Data Science WavEC team.

Furthermore, Guilherme Vaz, WavEC CSO and TeamLeader at HPC & Data Science team states, Having 15 years of experience with HPC on-premises clusters and having worked with several Tier‑1 and Tier‑2 HPC clusters in Europe, I can categorically acknowledge the high level of professionalism, flexibility, hardware, and software offers. I can now proudly say that WavEC has its HPC facilities with atNorth in Iceland, which are not only high performing but also sustainable and environmentally friendly, a crucial requirement for WavEC.” 

HPCFLOW allows WavEC to achieve ground-breaking results cost-effectively and sustainably. WavEC also has access to atNorth’s experienced HPC & AI support team, available on-demand or via service agreements. HPCFLOW offers scalability along with a predictable OPEX-based billing model, eliminating upfront investments and allowing for the flexibility to scale upon any fluctuating workload demand.

HPCFLOW meets clean energy demand

atNorth’s IaaS is powered by 100% renewable energy and hosted in ultra power-efficient facilities that fit well with WavEC’s ultimate goal of deploying engineering solutions that ensure environmentally responsible solutions.

The HPCFLOW IaaS platform is built with performance in mind. atNorth’s customers have access to the raw performance of bare metal and state-of-the-art high-performance computing clusters that allow them to access fully managed infrastructure and focus on the results.

The atNorth’s team mission is to provide intelligent and sustainable data center colocation and HPC & AI services to customers that want to match future-friendly solutions with lower TCO. WavEC is a great example of a company that has emphasized green product development for its green, innovative solutions. WavEC demonstrates how a forward-thinking company makes decisions,” says Gisli Kr. Katrinarson, Chief Commercial Officer of atNorth.

To develop WavEC’s environmentally friendly solutions, the company has chosen atNorth as a partner capable of providing sustainable high-performance computing power needed to fulfil its mission. 

atNorth’s commitment to environmentally responsible compute

atNorth’s mission is to deliver computing power to customers that choose its IaaS or data center services. To deliver on that promise, the atNorth team has optimized the HPC & AI compute stack, from the data center building to cooling technology and infrastructure. Sustainability and power efficiency are the key ingredients that ensure the environmentally responsible solutions atNorth provides to customers.

Today is just good business to be green.

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