Why the Nordics?

Oct 30, 2023

The right data center in the right location can hold the key to solving many challenges faced by companies today. With more choice than ever before on where to invest, the Nordic region is fast becoming the preferred safe haven for data center operations and colocation.

In this whitepaper, we look at three of the most important drivers for protecting and safeguarding your data with Nordic investment: cost, sustainability, location and performance.

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Many Nordic countries have put legislation in place and designed and deployed initiatives to provide a smooth path for global organisations to locate their data centres in the region.”

key Nordic benefits

major connectivity

expanding network of more than 25 high speed, sub-sea fiber optic routes connected to major European & north American markets.

carbon neutral focus

two-thirds of electricity comes from renewable resources and the region is on track to become fully carbon neutral by 2050

low energy prices

offering Europe’s lowest energy prices thanks in part to the surplus of renewable power generated throughout the region.

The Nordic Way

Data center operations in the Nordics offer considerable advantages for forward-thinking organizations that want to future-proof their operations and prioritize.

Cost efficiencies and low operating expenses thanks to a colder climate that lends itself to the data center environment, low energy prices by capitalizing on renewable energy production, and innovative cooling tech that allows data centers to be cooled by air rather than refrigeration.

Sustainable IT, helping to protect the planet for future generations with the region’s abundant access to clean energy, renewable-powered data center facilities, innovative technology and environmental programs.

Performance and reliability due to the region’s accessible locations and high-quality facilities, diverse workloads, global connectivity to mainland Europe, and a range of government incentives to drive successful business operations.

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