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Uncompromising performance with sustainability at the core

Caught between public cloud inefficiencies and spiralling costs? On-prem cluster management complexity and data center limitations slowing down your actual mission?

atNorth is ushering in a new approach to HPC & AI: Introducing our award-winning HPC as a Service.
Built with sustainability and performance at its core, atNorth’s HPCaaS solution provides up to 100% more compute than any other solution to give today’s leading organizations flexible and scalable access to high density processing.

Ready to run your apps on the best CPU, GPU, storage, and network solutions on the market? 

Or, do your more demanding environments need skilled HPC architects on a custom cluster solution? 

Or perhaps your existing investment in HPC infrastructure needs to be fully managed, delivered and supported as part of a hybrid solution?

HPC infrastructure your apps will thank you for

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Our HPC Services

Uninterrupted, unlimited, and uncompromising HPC as a Service for the world’s most critical workloads

Our customers demand high performance, cost-effective GPU and CPU clusters powered with 100% renewable energy. Using latest and greatest hardware, we deliver a ready-to-use fully supported HPC solution that will handle all your apps and workflows with ease.


Design, buy, install, repeat. Optimising HPC clusters may not be your core business, but we are proud to win awards for it. Customers win from dedicated hardware solutions with SLA’s that guarantee performance. All on an OPEX model with predictable costs.


Is your HPC infra still within useful life? Why not onboard your clusters into our pristine DC environment where we will monitor, tune, optimize runtimes and much more. Hybrid HPC solutions like this are already saving customers 50% on costs and 85% on CO2.

What our Customers Say

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Reasons our Customers Choose atNorth

One Stop Shop for your HPC Solutions
Savings & ROI

Lowest prices on the market for a better return on investment. Find better prices? Challenge us!


Up to date, world-class security features for compliance and complete piece of mind.

Expert Support

Our Team of Experts is here to work with you hand in hand, to tune and help you maximize your application’s performance.

Faster Time to Market

Always available HPC capacity to improve productivity from the​“get go” and accelerate time to market with optimized design and performance.

Sustainable Solutions

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 99.9% with our decarbonizing HPC platform, powered by the highest rate of renewable energy from our future-proof data centers .

Hybrid Colocation

Bring your own cluster and utilize atNorth’s abundant resources to expand.

Questions? We’re here to help!

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We help our Customers thrive, wherever they’re coming from

atNorth HPC — the home for all workloads

On Premise

Operating large clusters across high density workloads can be costly, hard to manage, maintain and keep pace with the fast pace of data center innovation and change. By hosting on premise, our customers benefit from facilities that are not just über optimized for high performance computing applications, but also extremely flexible, secure and scalable to support the growth of today’s globally leading organizations – and, ultimately help them outpace their competition.

Hosted Cluster 

atNorth’s cluster services offer second to none, expert HPC operations consultancy and support to ensure the reliability and high performance our customers need, ensuring higher uptime and greater resilience. Our cluster services are fully flexible to scale up or down with additional computational power needed to accommodate bursts in activity and capacity. 

Cloud Native 

High performance computing requires a resilient cloud infrastructure. atNorth’s native cloud services, alongside our team of HPC experts who are on hand to support and guide customers from setup to implementation to management, are designed with our customers every day challenges in mind. Our Cloud Native offers peace of mind, dramatically lowers the cost of compute, and increases performance. This shortens the time to results from their computations without limiting the scalability organizations are used to in the public cloud.

atNorth’s sustainable AI & HPC services

We are committed to deliver sustainable, future-proof nordic data center infrstructures. All our Ai & HPC solutions as well as colocation services operate with certified 100% renewable energy and extreme power efficiency.

Harvest the abundant power of the Nordics today!

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Any workload, any time!

Our cloud solutions are optimized for the most demanding workloads, applications and programming languages currently available.
Numeca / Fidelity & FINE
VTK / Paraview
Radiance / Daysim
R / R Studio
STOMP Runner
Migenius RealityServer
Gnome / pyGnome
Jacob FloodModeller
Line Balancing
Wofram Mathematica
Klimaat Urban Climate
FDS Runner / Smokeview
3DCS Geofactor
3DCS Monte Carlo
3DCS Sensitivity

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Our HPC solutions range from performance optimized and secure bare metal clusters to tailor made clusters designed specifically to meet our customers’ requirements and ready to be deployed today. No lag.

atNorth’s team of HPC experts are on hand, ready to help our customers benefit from the most optimized operations and best performing clusters possible.

More compute for your money.

Our HPC Partners

atNorth partners with leading companies in the HPC & AI field to bring you the best technologies available on the market

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