Next Generation Data Center To Mainland Europe

Oct 5, 2021

atNorth brings their next generation data center to mainland Europe

Due to open in December 2021, our new SWE01 data center in Stockholm, Sweden, offers the same next-generation facilities and services that have proven so successful in our native Iceland. The future of AI and ML means that customers need more – so Sif has been designed to deliver more.

What is a next generation data center?

To understand what a next generation data center is, it helps to understand what came before them. The first generation of outsourced data centers were focused on strengthening operational resilience through co-location. This was a relatively cheap solution, helping to better balance OpEx and CapEx.

In addition to co-location, second generation data centers are focused on connecting environments to reach the cloud and to deliver digital services. In essence, customers pay for improved connectivity – and this tends to be relatively expensive.

The new generation of data center built by atNorth offers all the features and functionality of its predecessors and additional capabilities to support future demands. All future workloads will require more computing power – and the new generation of data center has been designed to cope with these demands. Indeed, it will become a pre-requisite in the digitalization journey, as businesses move towards building advances applications, including AI and ML.

We are seeing customers moving towards more intensive workloads that demand an all-new infrastructure for optimal operations. They want more power, physical space, and the option to massively scale their footprint as resource requirements change,” says Stefan Jofors-aTribe, Nordic Sales Director at atNorth. Competing data centers built on previous generation technologies and concepts simply cannot deliver what will be needed for the ML-AI future”. 

The SWE01 facility is optimized for high-density operations, but clients have the option to start small and scale up as demand for capacity and power increases.

By maximizing efficiency, atNorth delivers more power, capacity, and scalability for our customers at a lower cost, overcoming the shortcomings of previous generation data centers. Supporting new technologies allows us to drive costs lower still – savings that we then pass on to our customers so they can maximize ROI.

Helping our customers build for the future

Our Sif facility is more than just another data center. Our pre-install team works closely with customers to right-size their capacity and plan for future demand. Using all of our experience we can help you avoid expensive mistakes, like over-investing in unnecessary on-premise capacity.

Sustainability as standard

The SWW01 facility has been built using all of our Icelandic data center knowledge but tailored to the Stockholm environment. The location, in the north of the city, has been specifically chosen because it allows us to recycle the heat generated within the facility, feeding it back into the municipal heating network. At full load, we will be returning 11.2MW of energy into the system.

Indeed, sustainability is in atNorth’s DNA. The data center is fully powered with sustainable electricity, giving our customers the capacity and performance they need for the most demanding of applications and the ability to reduce their own carbon footprints. We are well on the way to a fully circular economy for maximum sustainability.

Stockholm’s complete data center solution

atNorth’s data center is the complete solution for your hosted needs, both now and into the future. Exceptional connectivity, power, and capacity to grow with your storage needs in line with demand make Sif an ideal choice for hosting your AI and ML capabilities.

To learn more about the new generation Stockholm data center and why it is the ideal choice for your Swedish operations, please contact: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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