Stockholm data center expands prior to opening due to market demand

Nov 22, 2021
atNorth, the newest colocation provider in Sweden, announces today that the company is already starting the next phase in constructing the data center SWE01: SIF DC in Kista, Stockholm.

The first construction phase began in late 2020, and its first data hall will be completed by the turn of the year. The buildout of the data center will be continuous, adding three more data halls to the existing building. The second phase of this state-of-the-art data center will add another 2750 square meters and be online in the second half of 2022 followed by further expansion planned to provide a total capacity of running over 6 MW of IT workload. 

The demand for high-capacity services within colocation is increasing considerably and from our standpoint, international organizations are looking to Stockholm for efficient colocation services, given the excellent infrastructure conditions, the renewable energy, and the favorable cold climate,” says Gisli Kr. Chief Commercial Officer. Since we started the first phase, demand has been so strong that we are launching further buildout earlier than anticipated with the next phase coming online in the second half of 2022 followed by further expansion.”

atNorth’s data center is built to offer the ability to achieve higher infrastructure density than traditional colocation providers are able to accommodate easily, which is often required for the type of infrastructure needed for computationally heavy applications such as simulations, risk calculations, and AI. Services that are growing in demand as also the traditional industrial companies are increasingly digitizing their operational activities and product development, in combination with increased security and availability requirements from both authorities and customers.

A lot is happening in the market right now, and data-driven businesses require data center solutions that can efficiently manage such volumes. Our data center in Stockholm is unique because it is built with higher density services as a starting point,” says Stefan Jofors-aTribe, Nordic sales manager for atNorth. 

atNorth’s data center also, as part of its sustainability work, makes full use of the opportunity to reuse the waste heat from the data center in Stockholm Exergi’s district heating network for heating homes that underpins atNorth’s mission of environmentally responsible data center services and computing without compromised performance.

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