DNV chooses atNorth for sustainable HPC services

Dec 1, 2021

Assurance and risk management specialist DNV has partnered with atNorth as its HPC and AI cluster provider in a drive to expand its accessible computing capacity.

A consultant in safety, quality, energy efficiency, and environmental performance for the global shipping industry, DNV depends on reliable HPC services to run vast data analysis and calculations over expansive geographical areas in real-time. 

As part of the new long-term agreement between the two companies, atNorth will deliver HPC services as a fully managed solution called HPCFLOW to provide DNV with the huge computational power required to carry out hull optimization analysis in order to identify the most efficient hull shapes to reduce the energy consumption of ships across a range of industries.

The partnership is also set to underpin DNV’s carbon neutral strategy, with atNorth’s data centers providing secure, scalable, and low-cost computing services powered by 100% renewable energy. The Nordic solution provider utilizes little energy keeping its hardware cool at its centers in Iceland and Sweden, where temperatures are data center friendly, ensuring that HPC operations are net-zero and not subject to the price volatility associated with fossil fuels. 

Karsten Hochkirch, Head of Department Fluid Engineering at DNV, explains: atNorth offered a comprehensive HPC solution that met our needs across cost-efficiency, scalability, and sustainability, and we’re delighted to have set this partnership in motion. 

It was really important for us to find a zero-carbon solution that we could scale in line with our computational needs, and we’ve received excellent support from our dedicated atNorth engineering team throughout our journey with them.”

Staffan Hansson, Sales Specialist of HPC & AI Services at atNorth, says of the new partnership: It is great to bring DNV on board. DNV is an innovative, smart company that’s committed to operating at net zero and helping their clients become sustainable, which is the perfect match for us. 

We’re excited about supporting DNV with its HPC requirements whilst aligning with its mission to cut its carbon footprint.”

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