Joining forces with Altair

Jun 24, 2020

We’re happy to share that we’re joining forces with Altair, a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC), and data analytics, to empower companies running computationally intensive workloads with greater flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Many companies that need data-intensive computing are embracing the cloud through a hybrid strategy. What this means is that they deploy a combination of on-premise compute resources and on-demand cloud services to handle peak or specific cloud-eligible workloads.

In other words, they scale up using the cloud on demand.

This is where the Advania Data Centers-Altair partnership comes in: Advania Data Centers provides this capability by leveraging Intel® 2nd Generation Processors that expand its HPC & AI Infrastructure-as-a-Service; Altair PBS Works™ workload management suite to help companies effectively accelerate and manage their workloads. Key components of the PBS Works suite are Altair Access™ and Altair Control™ which helps companies to extend their exiting on Premise HPC resources with extra Hybrid HPCaaS, leveraging Advania Data Centers HPC in a very flexible way. This enables clients to meet fluctuating resource requirements and manage excess workload demand.

We’re pleased to establish this partnership with Advania Data Centers and enable European businesses to expand their HPC capabilities. The cloud is a powerful resource and a hybrid model helps businesses surpass resource restrictions and meet the demands of solving complex engineering problems.” says Piush Patel, senior vice president, strategic relationships, at Altair.

The partnership sets an industry standard and provides additional customizability.

Altair’s scientific approach has set an industry standard, providing an ideal platform for Advania Data Center’s HPC solutions. The partnership will enable us to widen our client pool and cater to a larger variety of technical requirement needs in the market.

Altair customers will receive more customizability through greater client-specific requirements, as well as more efficient and cost-effective HPC-as-a-Service platform. Altair’s hybrid cloud bursting solution, Altair Control, gives IT managers the control of choosing a classical hybrid scenario where HPC workloads scale up to the cloud when demand goes up, or a custom appliance for an end-to-end solution with no need for running a private cloud data center.

We ensure that the computations can be conducted before signing up.

Our partnership also gives customers the chance to run proof of concept before deciding to contract any serious HPC loads. Put differently, we enable them to see whether the calculations and workloads that they use can run on this technology and equipment.

We can replicate their criteria in Altair’s production environment very quickly, so if customers want to benchmark public cloud capacity against a more dedicated cloud service like our own HPCFlow, we provide them with an opportunity to do exactly that.

Through hybrid HPC, organizations can always meet resource requirements – whether they’re sporadic or extensive – and manage excess workload demand without a high price tag, moving HPC cost from rigid and expensive CAPEX to effective ad agile OPEX while substantially increasing productivity.

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