Achieving up to 80% cost efficiencies with HPC colocation

Apr 22, 2021

In the world of compute, everything is about getting as much capacity as possible for your calculations. Due to the capacity required to deliver true High Performance Computing (HPC), both securing power and finding it at highly competitive pricing becomes particularly relevant.

To be able to maximise compute capacity, the choice of where to deploy will have a significant impact on the cost to run any capable HPC system. atNorth offer the ideal colocation solutions that will enable organizations to make substantial savings, and maximize their ROI. Download our Case Study and learn more.

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Locations that offer sustainable energy sources, ability to meet increased power demands over time at predictable and low cost energy levels. These present a clear advantage for any organisation seeking to maximise compute capacity for their investment.”

Aegir Rafn Magnusson
Director of Business Development, atNorth

Ideal location

Organizations can leverage competitive advantage by colocating data center infrastructure and utlising the compute power available to them through a predictable low-cost, and less power-intensive environment.

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